Showcase your event, easily distribute and monetize content, and support the career advancement for your audience


Host conferences, poster sessions, and more. Give your community an easy way to connect in the virtual environment.

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Use Passport as a platform to distribute your content, resources, and more.

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Help support the career advancement of your membership (Grad Programs, Mentorship, Jobs, Certifications, and more)

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Key Features

One-Click Access to Meetings

Restore the human element to your events by enabling your presenters to their audience the ability to connect to them in a live environment of their own choosing.

User Driven & Decentralized

Unlike most online events that force a central administrator to put everything together, with Acadiate, you can decentralize and delegate the creative process to your participants. This is a more diverse and inclusive way to drive more dynamic online events with less overheads.

Easy Access for Attendees

Allow others to access your event through a simple link. No need for your viewers to create accounts or profiles, they can jump right in and start exploring. If you want additional protections, you can do that too!

School Branded Experience

Event participants will benefit from a school branded school sign up process.

Technical Support Included

Get up and running in a day with no IT required. What surprises our partners is how easy it is to deploy and use. We’ve simplified processes for the academic environment, no need for IT support. Feel the freedom to focus on quality digital portfolio assignments instead of technical details.

Privacy focused & Ad Free

Use a privacy-centric platform. We do not run Third Party Advertising – Not in Showcases & Not in Accounts. Users have total ownership of their accounts and All the content they add to it. We protect user & school information using security industry best practices